CRM 2013 Upgrades

CRM 2013 Upgrades are going to be a priority for the multitude of existing CRM 2011 customers with a desire to get on the CRM 2013 platform.  The upgrade process is well-documented, though not always simple and straight-forward.  In fact, most Microsoft Partners will be spending a bit of time looking at their own implementations of CRM and ensuring that their own upgrade will go smoothly.  The reason you local Microsoft Partner might have a challenge on their hands is because of the tendency of your friendly Partners to be early adapters on a great many Independent Software Vendor (ISV) products, Codeplex customizations, homegrown JavaScript, and various solutions — managed and unmanaged.  The partners will typically try out a new product on their own internal-use system prior to endorsing it for a client’s live application.

The place to start with upgrades, as with many Microsoft Dynamics CRM initiatives, is with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Center.  There’s a whole page chocked full with useful information and links on how to get ready for the CRM 2013 releases — know as Dynamics CRM Online Fall ’13 for CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for on-premise deployments.

For CRM Online customers, you’ll want to pay particular attention to communications from Microsoft as to when the upgrade will take place.  If you haven’t heard anything yet, make sure you find out who is getting the communications as it should be your billing administrator as well as your partner.

Your second priority will be to review your existing customizations and make sure they’re compliant with the new code base.

Lastly, you’ll want to plan training for your end-users to ensure they’ll be up-to-speed when the new user interface magically appears one day soon.